La Plata police receives call from a person threatening to do harm to residents around the Amtrak station

On Saturday, around 7:50 p.m., the La Plata Police Department received a phone call from a subject threatening to do harm to residents at and around the Amtrak station on Owensby Street. Local police told KTVO television that the suspect called the police station and said that they had a weapon and intended to use it at the station. The suspect provided eerily accurate descriptions of the train station, passengers and passengers in a train resting at the station. An investigation determined they were never at the station, using the live stream through Virtual Railfan, which streamed from a small building over 500 yards away from the station, to provide the information. At the time, all railway traffic was stopped as law enforcement investigated the validity of the threat. After it was determined the threat was false, the railroad opened as usual. Local police say they do not have any suspects at this time and are not sure of a motive. The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway Police Department has opened an investigation into the incident and have assigned a senior special agent. This incident and information have also been provided to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, which will be opening an investigation of its own. If you have any information at all that could help the police station, please call La Plata police at 660-332-4343.