Missouri Livestock Exhibitors interested in camping can submit camping reservations online

Missouri Livestock Exhibitors who are interested in camping will be able to submit camping reservations next Monday, May 2nd, through an online portal or by submitting a printable form from the Missouri State Fair’s website. Campers should choose either the online reservation request system or fax in the paper form. The online portal will be available on the Fair’s website starting at 9 a.m. on May 2 for the submission of exhibitor camping requests, but payment will NOT be collected from the online system. Once the reservation has been accepted, a message will be sent to the email provided upon registration with instructions on how to pay for the campsite. Payment will not be collected or processed until reservations have been accepted and confirmed. The downloadable and printable form will be available on the Fair’s website starting at 9 a.m. on May 2. The form will need to be filled out in full, including payment information, and must be faxed to the Fair.

Please only send the fax one time. Multiple submissions jam the fax machine and could result in multiple payments processed. No camping forms will be distributed or accepted on-site. Camping reservation requests must be made via the online portal or forms sent in via fax. Reserved exhibitor campsites will open Sunday, Aug. 7; they are only available for livestock exhibitors, commercial vendors and persons with disabilities. The 120th Missouri State Fair, themed “Buckets of Fun” is Aug 12-22, 2022, in Sedalia.